Welcome to the Master Brewer 2020-21 - Richard Fuller

On Thursday 9 July 2020 the Brewers’ Company held its first ever virtual installation ceremony for a new Master and Wardens.  The Court unanimously elected Richard Hamilton Fleetwood Fuller as the Master Brewer for 2020-21 and he read his Declaration to the meeting via a Zoom link.  The Declaration itself is the same one that his father, Edward Fuller, read on being installed as Master in 1972 and is, in fact, laid out in the Company’s Constitutions, Orders, Rules and Ordinances of 1739.  Though the method of delivery may have changed, the sentiment remains very much the same: on making his declaration, Mr Fuller pledged to “…be loving, faithful and true to the Mystery or Art and Company of Brewers…always willing and purposing to do my best labour and diligence to oversee, rule, and guide the said Company”.

Richard Fuller worked in forestry before joining Fuller, Smith and Turner, the London brewers, in 1984. He is the sixth generation of the Fuller family since the partnership was established in 1845. During his career he has held a number of positions including Sales Director, Personnel Director and Corporate Affairs Director, Richard became a non-executive Director in February 2020.  Away from the brewing and pub industry, Richard is Chairman of Kempton Park Racecourse, Chairman of the Wavertree Education Trust and a member of The Jockey Club. His interests include racing, both four legs and four wheels (Richard races historic cars), field sports and gardens.  Richard has been married to Charlotte for 28 years and they have two children. Their daughter, Page, is a professional jump jockey and their son, Henry, is heading for a career in film acting.

Presiding over the ceremony, the Senior Past Master on Court, Richard Everard, thanked the outgoing Master, Simon Theakston, for his steadfast leadership during a most unusual and challenging year.  He presented Mr Theakston with a gift from the Company of a silver paper knife embossed with the Company’s crest, and with his Past Master’s badge.  Mr Theakston presented the Company with a generous gift of a painting of the T&R Theakston brewery painted by Lewis Hazlewood-Horner.

Also elected at the meeting were the Upper Warden, Jonathan Neame of Shepherd Neame, the Middle Warden, James Staughton of St Austell Brewery and the Renter Warden, Katherine Smart of Diageo plc.