The Master and Clerk recently visited HMS ALBION – the Brewers’ Company’s Royal Navy affiliation.  It is an exciting time for the crew of ALBION as she has just completed a multi-million pound refit and is currently conducting sea trials and training to become ready for operational tasking as the nation’s high readiness command ship.  ALBION was rededicated by Her Royal Highness, The Princess Royal at a special ceremony in Plymouth on 21 July, at which the Brewers’ Company was represented by the Renter Warden, Richard Fuller.

The Master and Clerk were delighted to have the opportunity to spend a day aboard HMS ALBION and to meet the Captain, Tim Neild, and many of the Ship’s Company.  Their 24 hour visit included the opportunity to see every extremity of the ship and understand the exciting and crucial role she plays as part of Britain’s defence capability.  The Master and Clerk’s tour included the galley (kitchens), engine rooms, operations room, ammunition storage magazines, flight deck, internal dock and vehicle deck (capable of transporting six Challenger main battle tanks or up to 50 landrovers).  The highlight was being on the bridge to observe the ship rehearsing drills to counter an incoming air threat represented by a small commercial jet approaching and flying over the ship at little over 100 feet!

Here at the Brewers’ Company we are proud of our ongoing affiliation with HMS ALBION, which began in 2002, and we look forward to strengthening our ties going forward.  At the Court Luncheon in October we will be welcoming the Captain, along with other representatives from the ship, and the Master will present the annual Brewers’ Company prize to an outstanding crew member.


Photograph: The Master, Paul Wells, (left) with Captain Tim Neild and the Clerk, Michael O’Dwyer, aboard HMS ALBION.