The Master Brewer representing the Livery

It has been a busy time for the Master Brewer, Simon Theakston, recently as he has been called upon to represent the Company at a wide range of events and has been asked to speak at several of them!

On 27 January, the Master represented the Brewers’ Company at the Court Dinner of the Worshipful Company of Founders and was invited to speak on behalf of the guests.  During his speech, he talked about the Brewers’ Company, his own brewery T&R Theakston and the connections between the Brewers and the Founders, noting:

“I note that the Founders’ were granted Ordinances in 1365 some 73 years before the Brewers’ received their Royal Charter in 1438. The earliest record of we brewers gathering in one place in the City is 1292 a site on which we have held in continuous occupation ever since. I was delighted to note that an earlier Brewers’ Company clerk, one William Porlond, recorded in his day book an entry, that Brewers’ Hall was hired out to the Founders’ in both 1431 and 1432. With the impending development work at Brewers’ Hall due to start later on this year, we may be asking the Founders for a return of the favour some 589 years later!”

The Master has subsequently represented us at six further inter-livery events, as well as attending a lecture on current issues in education and hosting two events at Brewers’ Hall – one for our Golf Society and one for our members and industry guests.

On 19 March, he was again called upon to speak at an external event, this time a dinner hosted by the Worshipful Company of Dyers.  He spoke about the historical roles of the Dyers’ and Brewers’ Companies, our long connection dating back to the fifteenth century and the common goal of all livery companies to support philanthropic endeavours, saying:

“I think we all agree that occasions such as this when livery companies meet together in privileged circumstances are very special ones. Though our Companies differ in detail we have a common bond stemming from service to our several trades and to the community at large.  There is not a Company here, which does not enrich life in one way or another and does its best to honour its commitments to the community at large through its schools, almshouses and charities.”