Supporting the Benevolent

The Brewers’ Company are delighted to continue to support the Benevolent and are pleased to share the message below in which they talk about their mental health campaign #NotAlone.

“In 2017 The Benevolent, the Drinks Industry Charity, took the game-changing decision to broaden the charity’s welfare network, offering members of the trade a comprehensive support system that now includes professional help to those suffering with mental health difficulties.

The Benevolent recognised that it was the charity’s responsibility to directly help those colleagues requiring mental health support. According to a report commissioned by The Benevolent aimed at outlining the mental health difficulties experienced in the trade, only 46% of respondents are on top of their mental and 1 in 3 have experienced high levels of stress, anxiety and fatigue over the past year. Moved by a strong desire to help, the charity took the strategic decision to establish its own confidential telephone helpline, manned by professional counsellors, seven days a week from 8am – 8pm calling at 0800 9154610.

The Benevolent also felt the responsibility to address the stigma revolving around mental health and decided to join the social movement aimed at encouraging an open conversation about mental health in the workplace. As a consequence, The Benevolent launched its campaign #NotAlone in January this year. The organisation is proud to be the only charity to have raised awareness and conversation about mental health, specifically in the UK drinks industry, with #NotAlone standing out from every other mental health charities’ campaign.

The award-winning campaign aims at removing the stigma around mental health. #NotAlone was conceived with specific attention to distinct issues unique to our industry such as long hours, lack of sleep and easy access to alcohol. The campaign has attracted wide attention in the drinks industry, demonstrating that the trade is united to safeguard the wellbeing of its members and that a strong sense of camaraderie defines the industry itself. The fact that more people are now talking about it than ever before is testament to its growing success and engagement.

With the aim of safeguarding the wellbeing of members of the national drinks industry, from Wednesday 29th August colleagues from the Scottish and Northern Irish drinks industry that are suffering from mental health difficulties have access to The Benevolent’s counselling helpline.

If you need to speak to a professional counsellor, please call 0800 915 4610 or if you need help please email [email protected] or, for further information on the charity, visit the website