Shrieval Elections 2019

The role of sheriff dates back to the Anglo-Saxon period.  Shire or Port Reeves, as they were known, originally held the most respected and influential office in the City.  Appointed by the King as his personal representative, the Shire Reeve collected royal taxes, enforced royal justice and contributed to civic events.  In 1132, Henry I granted the citizens of London the right to appoint two sheriffs.  There have been sixteen Brewer sheriffs, the last of whom was Alfred Bevan in 1899.

Sheriffs are elected in Common Hall at Guildhall on Midsummer Day (24 June) and since 1475 the electorate has been the Liverymen of the various Livery Companies of the City of London.  Once elected, the sheriffs take office on Michaelmas Eve (28 September) and are in post for a year.

In order to be eligible for election as Lord Mayor, a candidate must have been a sheriff and be an alderman.  It is usual that one of the sheriffs elected each year is an alderman, known as the Aldermanic Sheriff, and the other is the Non-Aldermanic Sheriff.

This year on 24 June there are two candidates standing in the election for the Non-Aldermanic Sheriff position, Chris Hayward (Past Master Pattenmaker) and Erica Stary (Past Master Tax Adviser, Past Master Plumber).  Their details are below.

Non-Aldermanic Shrieveal Candidates 2019

Chris Hayward (Past Master Pattenmaker)
Chris has served on the boards of a number of companies in the property sector over the past 30 years. He is currently a non-executive Director of Indigo Planning and Senior Counsel at JBP Associates.  A long association with Headley Court, the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre, and the Honourable The Irish Society are important charity commitments.  Chris is also a trustee of Barts Guild and also a trustee of Housing for the Homeless Central Fund.
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Erica Stary (Past Master Tax Adviser, Past Master Plumber). 
Erica was a solicitor, specialising in tax, then a judge in the London County and Crown Courts. In addition to her frequent and active support of the Lord Mayor’s Charity, her charitable activities have included many cycling challenges for the Genesis Research Trust (safe childbirth) and for several cancer research charities; plus much pro bono work including giving time to the Institute of Taxation and the Association of Taxation Technicians (President 1995).
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