Looking to the future...

A passion for brewing still lies at the heart of the Brewers’ Company and last week we were able to combine this with the charitable work that forms another important strand of our mission, at our annual Brewers’ Lectures for Schools.

The Master, Paul Wells of Charles Wells, was delighted to visit both Dame Alice Owen’s School and Aldenham School on 6 March to tell members of the Sixth Form about the life of a brewer and the career prospects that are available to them in this fascinating industry.  He was accompanied by his head brewer, Ian Jones, who spoke to the students about the brewing process itself.  The talks were followed by a tasting of a selection of beers during which the students asked a host of insightful questions.

The Brewers’ Lectures for Schools began in 2014 when the then-Master, Stephen Goodyear of Youngs Brewery, established them to strengthen the bond between the Brewers’ Company and the two schools that it supports.  The aim is to inform the pupils not only about beer and brewing, but also about the further education and career opportunities in the industry.  We were delighted to continue this tradition for another year, providing this valuable information to another group of students with a world of prospects (and just maybe a career in brewing!) ahead of them.