Farewell to Alan Davison

Amidst the celebrations and exciting events this month, we were very sad to say goodbye to Dr Alan Davison who retired as Headteacher of Dame Alice Owen’s School at the end of the academic year.  Anyone who has had dealings with this fantastic school will know that Alan has done a remarkable job there over the last eleven years.  His hard work and dedication have played a huge role in the outstanding achievement of the students, both academic and beyond, with extra-curricular activities such as music, drama, art and sport featuring prominently on the agenda.

On Monday 27 June the Company held a reception for Alan and all the staff from the School.  The Master, Miles Jenner, commended him for all his achievements and wished him every future success and happiness.  On the last day of term, 22 July, the School held their Beer Money ceremony, during which all students were presented with a commemorative coin by the Master Brewer.  At the end of the event, the new Master, Peter Furness-Smith, presented Alan with an engraved silver tankard from the Brewers’ Company along with the “Beer Money” coins for all eleven years that he was Headteacher.

We are very grateful to Alan for all that he has done and look forward to working with Hannah Nemko, who is stepping up from the Deputy Headteacher position to take on the role as Head in September.