Entertaining at Brewers' Hall

The evening of the first Wednesday in May each year is the time when Brewers’ Hall opens its doors to our fellow Livery Companies, welcoming Masters and Clerks from across London (and beyond) to a magnificent dinner hosted by our Master and Wardens.  This year we were delighted, once again, to welcome so many guests to this special event which celebrates the fraternity and spirit of collaboration between the City’s Livery Companies.  Without doubt the highlight of the evening was a performance by the Close Harmony Group from Dame Alice Owen’s School.  These talented singers delighted the guests with a selection of songs at the end of dinner and showed one of the many reasons why the Brewers’ Company is so proud to support this excellent school.

In fact the Brewers’ Company is proud of both of the schools it supports – Dame Alice Owen’s and Aldenham – and at the end of April we were able to reward some of the students for all of their hard work at our Reception for Schools at Brewers’ Hall.  It is a real treat for our Liverymen to have the opportunity to meet bright, interesting sixth formers from the schools and it is great to be able to provide the opportunity for them to visit Brewers’ Hall again, since their last visit would usually have been to collect their “Beer Money” in year seven or nine.  This special event became an annual fixture in our calendar just two years ago and we look forward to many more to come!

Photograph – L to R: Hannah Nemko (Headteacher DAOS), Emma Skelly (Head Girl DAOS), Greg Young (Head Boy DAOS), the Master Brewer Peter Furness-Smith, Stephen MacMahon (Head Boy Aldenham), Nicola Butchart (Head Girl Aldenham), James Fowler (Headmaster Aldenham).