Company Three: a new name for ICT

We are pleased to report that Islington Community Theatre have launched into the summer with a new name, a new website and a new show.  Now called “Company Three“, this dynamic organisation continues to provide support, development and opportunities for teenagers in Islington.  Speaking about the name change, the organisation’s Executive Directors, Adam Coleman and Ned Glasier, said: “We changed our name because we’ve never really been a ‘community theatre’ – we’ve always worked specifically with young people.  But more importantly, because we’d like our work to be seen as theatre, not ‘community theatre’ or ‘young people’s theatre’.”  They were very keen for a name that they could grow into and would have significance for the students.  “We like the word Company because company is at the heart of everything we do: we create work through our core company of 75 young people and when audiences see our work they sometimes tell us that they feel like they’ve spent an hour in the company of teenagers.  And we like Three for lots of reasons, but mostly because we think young people have too many rules in their lives, so our work is made using only three: be kind, be brave and be yourself.”

Company Three’s latest show “The Future” had a very successful run at the Yard Theatre from 20-23 July.  Seen through the eyes of a group of teenagers, fresh from their GCSE exams, the play explored what it feels like to be at school in 2016 and was a celebration of what it means to live in the present and to dream of a different future.

The Brewers’ Company is very proud to continue to support Company Three through the Dame Alice Owen Foundation.