Charitable distribution of £1.3 million approved

On 22 April the Court of the Brewers’ Company approved the Company’s accounts for 2020, along with the accounts for the 11 charities administered by the Company.  With the figures for the year finalised, the previous decision of the Court to distribute £1.3 million from the Dame Alice Owen Foundation (DAOF) to Dame Alice Owen’s School and educational programmes in Islington was ratified.

In common with many other charities, the DAOF suffered a very challenging year in 2020 as a result of the pandemic.  With investment and property incomes negatively impacted, the amount available to distribute to beneficiaries was greatly reduced.  Despite this however, the Brewers’ Company as Trustee to the Foundation, was determined to do its best for the beneficiaries.  In February an emergency, one off donation from the DAOF allowed for the purchase of 570 Chromebooks for Islington Schools, allowing disadvantaged students in Years 7, 8 and 9 to access remote learning and tackling the ‘digital divide’.

The £1.3 million funding now approved for the academic year 2021-22 will provide support to Dame Alice Owen’s School in areas such as staffing and recruitment, support for students with additional needs, social emotional and disability support for students, and maths and English intervention for students who are struggling.  In addition, funding will be given to educational programmes in Islington, including Music Education Islington, Science for Life and Upward Bound.  These and other programmes form part of Islington Council’s strategic framework for ensuring that educational and enrichment opportunities are available to all children regardless of their background, which actively seeks to remove barriers to participation.