Brewers' Schools Golf Match

The ‘Schools Match’ is a highlight of the Brewers’ Company golfing calendar, being a triangular competition between Aldenham School, Dame Alice Owen’s and the Brewers’ Company.  The match was started many years ago by Tom Morkill who used to be Chairman of the Governors at Owen’s and wanted to create a forum for friendly competition and social interaction between the two schools supported by the Brewers’ Company.  A new element introduced last year is that the two schools compete for the Morkill Cup (and the Brewers’ Company for pride!).

This is the first year that the match has been played at Potters Bar Golf Club who have been very helpful to Owen’s in developing golf as a sport.

The event started with a trick shot demonstration by Dean Davis who is well known on the corporate circuit.  It was well received by the students most of whom had never seen such mastery of ball striking with a variety of clubs, such as having a hose pipe shaft, a hammer for a head or a double headed club!

Each school and the Brewers’ Company was represented by four teams of two players.  The Brewers’ Company team being made up of 6 members of the Brewers’ Golf Society plus a member of staff from each school.  A few students had low handicaps and good progress has been made by the schools in developing young players.

The results were:

Aldenham School drew with Owen’s (Aldenham retained the Morkill Cup, having won it in 2016)
Owen’s beat the Brewers’ Company 3 – 1
The Brewers’ Company beat Aldenham 3 – 1

The highest score of 45 was achieved by Ashay Dhingra and Tom Ranger from Dame Alice Owen’s School.  A good day was had by all.


Photo: Golfers from Aldenham and Dame Alice Owen’s School enjoy the trick shot demonstration