Brewers' Research and Education Fund Open!

The Brewers’ Research and Education Fund (BREF), a major grants fund that provides funding for scientific research and education in the brewing industry administered by the Brewers’ Company, has begun inviting applications for funding in 2017/18 via the BBPA website. Under the BREF, applicants have just under three months to submit their bids, with a deadline for funding applications of 31 March 2017.

The BREF supports vital technical research into projects such as improving brewery environmental footprint, dispense hygiene surveys and developing new hop varieties as well as a variety of educational activities.  The aims of the fund are to:

1) Promote brewing education, research and training

2) Research and educate the public about beer consumption

3) Research the composition and nutritional value of beer in relation to diet and wellbeing

4) Promote research relating to the environmental and economic sustainability of the brewing sector

The fund was created on proceeds from the sale of the BBPA’s original headquarters in Portman Square, central London. The Brewers’ Company acts as Trustee and administers the fund, with the BBPA providing the secretariat and publicity.