Brewers' Annual Beer Tasting Competition

Congratulations to the Meantime Brewing Company, the winners of this year’s annual Brewers’ Company Beer Tasting Competition!  In a closely contested competition, professionally presented by last year’s winners Budweiser Budvar, the team from Meantime emerged victorious, narrowly beating the two runners up: St Austell Brewery and Hall & Woodhouse.  Although the other seven teams who took part in the competition were not as lucky, a good night was had by all at Brewers’ Hall.

This year’s event was the fifth annual competition and the winners were fitting, since it was the team at Meantime who instigated the inaugural event in 2013.  The fiendishly difficult quiz, which was expertly devised by Simon George of Budweiser Budvar and esteemed brewing industry author, writer and commentator, Pete Brown, featured questions on eight different mystery beers and required competitors to identify such qualities as style, ABV, bitterness, principal hop or country of origin, as well as the brand of the beer.

It was exciting to see all of the teams embracing the spirit of competition, as well as enjoying a wide variety of beers and we are already looking forward to next year’s event!


Image: The winning team from the Meantime Brewing Company with the Master, Paul Wells (far right) and their prizes.