Book Review - The Beer Monopoly

The Beer Monopoly – Verstl and Faltermeier (BrauWelt, 2016)

New to the Brewers Company library, this fascinating account by two leading German economists reveals the strategic story behind the world’s biggest beer takeover last year.  Written in a very engaging, non-academic style, it analyses the manoeuvrings of the world’s leading brewers and compares it to a high stakes game of Monopoly, with the winners occupying the best streets, for which read global brands.  Find out who bought the orange properties and who was left with Old Kent Road!  It reviews ABI’s game plan, SAB’s masterful response, the challenges faced by Heineken and the difficulties it leaves Carlsberg in.  A game where even the lowest bid is measured in $ billions, but one which will eventually have profound implications for all brewers.

Review by Rupert Thompson, Liveryman


This and other books are available to Liverymen in the Brewers’ Company library.