Battle of the beers at Brewers' Hall!

On Tuesday 6 September, the Brewers’ Company were delighted to host our fourth annual Beer Tasting Competition.  The Hall was packed with eleven teams from our member breweries and the two schools which the Company supports.  Last year’s winners, Hook Norton Brewery, acted as quizmasters supplying the beers for the tasting and the questions, covering topics such as style, ABV, hop variety, country of origin and brand.

The competition began with some relatively straightforward questions, to ease the teams in gently.  But after the mid-way point, the second four beers presented some more serious challenges, concluding with a highly unusual lambic beer.  In the end the result was a tie for first place, necessitating a countback using the ‘tie-breaker’ rules, with the team from Budweiser Budvar UK just pipping Fuller, Smith and Turner to come out on top.

We were very pleased to see so many of our member breweries taking part and look forward to the next competition which will take place in September 2017.