National Brewery Heritage Patronage

23 April 2024

National Brewery Heritage Trust logo

We are pleased to announce that the Master of the Brewers’ Company has become the Patron of the National Brewery Heritage Trust. 

The National Brewery Heritage Trust is a registered charity which exists to protect, preserve and promote Britain’s brewing heritage. Based in Burton-upon-Trent, the Trust is custodian of an extensive archive and collection spanning over 300 years.

The Master of the Worshipful Company of Brewers, James Staughton, said: “Beer and brewing are woven into the history of Britain and its people. From medieval peasants drinking beer as a safer alternative to the water of the day, to meeting friends over a pint at the local pub, understanding the heritage of brewing contributes to our understanding of ourselves as individuals and as a nation. The Brewers' Company is pleased to support the work of the National Brewery Heritage Trust in preserving this important part of our shared history. We encourage our member breweries to engage with the Trust to ensure that their own contribution to the brewing heritage of Britain is preserved for future generations.”

Chairman of the Trust, Dr Harry White commented: “The Brewers Company and the National Brewery Heritage Trust share a common passion for the heritage of an industry which had a huge economic and social impact on this country. I am delighted that the Master has agreed to become Patron of the Trust and welcome the ongoing support of the Brewers Company as we continue our work to increase interest in the history and impact of British brewing.”

Corporate and individual members of the National Brewery Heritage Trust provide financial support for the preservation and restoration of the collection. Membership is open to all those with an interest in the industry. To find out more about becoming a member visit