Work with our Schools

It has been a good week for our relationship with our Schools, with two key events taking place.  On Monday 2 March, we were delighted to welcome nearly 100 Year 9 students from Aldenham School to Brewers’ Hall for their Beer Money ceremony.  The Master presented a commemorative crown to each student – a symbolic reminder of the Brewers’ Company’s long connection with Aldenham School.  When the School was established by Richard Platt, a former Master of the Brewers’ Company, in 1597 the Brewers were responsible for the wellbeing of the students and a key aspect of this was providing beer for them to drink – much safer than the dirty water available at the time.  Over the years, the provision of beer itself has become less necessary, but the gift of “Beer Money” continues.

On Tuesday 3 March the Master, Simon Theakston, visited both Dame Alice Owen’s and Aldenham Schools to present the annual Brewers Lectures.  These lectures, given to Sixth Formers at both schools, are an exploration of the brewing industry and the prospective careers available to the students.  The Master spoke about his personal journey through the world of brewing and highlighted the variety of opportunities available in the industry, whatever your interests.