Welcome to Captain Peter Laughton of HMS ALBION

Our affiliated naval ship, HMS ALBION, has welcomed a new Commanding Officer.  The Clerk and Immediate Past Master, Paul Wells, were delighted to have the opportunity to meet Captain Peter Laughton MBE, who assumed command of HMS ALBION in January.  Captain Laughton joined the Royal Navy in 1992 as a Midshipman and has previous served on HMS MONTROSE, HMS GRIMSBY and HMS LANCASTER.

Captain Laughton said “It is a huge privilege and honour to Command the Fleet Flagship, and I am thrilled to be here.  I know that the Brewers and HMS ALBION have enjoyed a long and fruitful affiliation, and it is my intention to continue that during my time in Command.”  We are much looking forward to working with Captain Laughton and his crew to continue our affiliation with HMS ALBION.