The Master's Gift - The T&R Theakston Brewery by Lewis Hazelwood-Horner

At the virtual Court meeting on 8 July, the Company was delighted to be presented with this lovely painting of the T&R Theakston brewery, painted by Columbia Threadneedle Prize winner Lewis Hazelwood-Horner, as a gift from Simon Theakston at the end of his year as Master Brewer.

The ‘new’ brewery featured in the painting was built and completed in 1875 by Simon’s great-great grandfather Robert Theakston. His first brewery was in the cellar of his pub The Black Bull in Silver Street, Masham which he took ownership of in 1827.  The second was built behind the pub and operated between 1840 and 1875, before continued growing demand required him to build the ‘new’ brewery which he constructed on land he owned, Paradise Field, a stone’s throw away. Generations of the Theakston family have been brewing beer there ever since. The brewery was built on the classic ‘tower’ principle whereby raw materials were winched to the top of the tower and by the process of natural gravity descended into the fermenting and racking room in the cellar. Most young Theakstons of Simon’s close and extended family have cut their teeth in this brewery, learning the ropes and earning their first wage packet.  It is therefore greatly cherished by the family and a proud monument of nearly 200 years of brewing heritage.

The Brewers’ Company is proud to be in possession of this lovely painting – a tribute to the rich brewing history of the respected Theakston family, and a memento of the contribution that Simon Theakston made to the Company during his year as Master.  We are looking forward to displaying it prominently when we return to Brewers’ Hall.