Past Master Brewer Appointed High Sheriff

The Brewers’ Company would like to extend many congratulations to Miles Jenner who became High Sheriff of East Sussex last week.  The Office of High Sheriff is an independent non-political Royal appointment for a single year. The origins of the Office date back to Saxon times, when the ‘Shire Reeve’ was responsible to the king for the maintenance of law and order within the shire, or county, and for the collection and return of taxes due to the Crown. Today, there are 55 High Sheriffs serving the counties of England and Wales each year.  Whilst the duties of the role have evolved over time, supporting the Crown and the judiciary remain central elements of the role today.

Miles, who served as Master Brewer in 2015-16, is not the first Liveryman of the Brewers’ Company to take on this important role.  Our research shows that current and former Liverymen and Past Masters to hold the office of High Sheriff include Bobby Neame (Master Brewer 1999-2000), James Arkell (Master Brewer 2014-15), Fergus McMullen and Piers Thompson.