Not the Lord Mayor's Show

The Lord Mayor’s Show was due to take place last Saturday, but sadly, didn’t go ahead this year.  To make up for this unprecedented cancellation, our Archivist, Hannah Dunmow, has delved into our archives and found some photographs of previous Brewers’ Company involvement in the Show to entertain you instead.

In 1947 the Brewers’ Company had a float entitled Town meets country – in the hop garden, featuring scholars from Dame Alice Owen’s School (pictured above).  In this picture,  bombsites from the Blitz can still be seen in the background – quite astonishing to 21st century eyes!

The float pictured above must be from 1962, as along the top is the statement Over 130 million pints exported to 100 countries in 1961.  It’s parked up before the show, prior to being boarded by several characters dressed in various national costumes, possibly from Dame Alice Owen’s School again.

In 1980 Dame Alice Owen’s School had its own float, shown here in front of the Midland Bank on Cheapside (now The Ned):

The children walking alongside are wearing school uniforms from across the ages. On the float is the scene which inspired Dame Alice to found the school for 30 boys from Islington in 1613: a cow is being milked in a field outside the village of Islington; a young Alice Wilkes (whose third husband was Judge Thomas Owen), accompanied by a young servant, stops to watch and try her hand in milking; an arrow, fired from nearby butts by an archer, sails across the field and pierces the crown of her hat, miraculously without injuring her. Much impressed by her providential escape, she vowed that when rich enough she would do something for posterity to mark her gratitude.  Around Dame Alice’s dress are the words To commemorate a lucky escape [from] a stray arrow -1613.