Charity, Brewing and Business

The Brewers’ Company’s second Court meeting of 2018 was held at Brewers’ Hall on 19 April.  At this meeting, among other business, the Master, Wardens and Court Assistants approved thirteen sets of accounts for the Company and its charities for 2017.  Following the meeting, the Court were joined by Liverymen and their guests from the brewing industry for a well deserved lunch.

During his speech at the end of lunch, the Master presented the Brewers’ Company prize for the student from a member company who achieved the highest mark in the IBD’s General Certificate in Brewing 2017 to Lee Griffiths from Molson Coors.  He also welcomed a number of new Liverymen who had been admitted that morning: Julian Momen and Stuart Parker, representing Carlsberg UK, and Stephen Glancey from C&C Group.

In concluding, the Master reported: “At this Livery, all our members pay their way, so that every pound from our legacies and investments goes straight out to the charities we support.  And this year, also approved at our meeting this morning as we signed off our accounts, we will distribute £1.9 million from our charities”.