Beer Money for Year 7 Pupils

They had only been attending Dame Alice Owen’s School for a few weeks when the Year 7 pupils of the School were brought to Brewers’ Hall for their Beer Money Ceremony last week.  This historic ceremony reminds us of the longstanding link between the Brewers’ Company and the School, which was founded in 1613 by Dame Alice Owen who entrusted its governance to her ‘beloved and trusty friends’ the Brewers’ Company.

The ceremony, which involves presenting each student with a commemorative coin, is a nod to the historical role of the Brewers’ Company in providing beer for students to drink (as it was much safer than the dirty water available) and latterly providing a grant of money for beer, rather than the beer itself.  It is also a way to maintain the bond between the Company and the School and to explain the unique history of the connection to new pupils.

The Brewers continue to have a close association with Dame Alice Owen’s School, supporting it through a number of the charities administered by the Company.  This year, for example, staff and students alike are delighted to be able to use a new Teaching Block which was funded in part by a grant from the Dame Alice Owen Foundation.