Balaclava Day 2020

On October 25, our affiliated Army regiment, the Royal Lancers, remembers the Battle of Balaclava (1854).  The battle was part of the Crimean War during which British and French forces joined the Turkish Ottoman Empire to push back Russian forces in Eastern Europe and Asia.  The 17th Lancers deployed as part of the Light Cavalry Brigade, immortalised by Alfred, Lord Tennyson in his poem The Charge of the Light Brigade.  After a series of confusing and imprecise orders, into the “Valley of Death rode the six hundred”.  Of the 147 Lancers who rode out on that fateful day, 74 were killed or wounded.  Three Victoria Crosses were awarded to men of the 17th Lancers.

The Brewers’ Company continues to value our affiliation with the Royal Lancers and we look forward to a time when we are able to reconnect in person.  In the meantime, the thoughts and best wishes of all of the Brewers’ Hall team are with the Royal Lancers this Balaclava Day.