History of the Hall

The Brewers were one of the first Guilds to have a Hall of their own. The earliest reference to their Hall which stood on the same site as the present one occurs in the records of the Chapter of St Paul's Cathedral in 1403. William Porlond's memorandum book reveals that by 1422 Brewers' Hall was regularly let out for use by other City Livery Companies, Guilds and other groups including the ‘footballpleyers', one of the earliest known references to football in English. The first Hall, described at the end of the sixteenth century as ‘a fayre house' by the historian John Stow, was destroyed by the Great Fire of London in 1666.

A second Hall was built on the same site between 1670 and 1673. The costs of the new Hall were met partly by members' subscriptions and partly by pawning virtually all the Company's plate and other treasures which were, alas, never redeemed. Bombing in 1940 destroyed this Hall.

The present Hall was completed in 1960. It was designed by Sir Hubert Worthington, R.A.