HMS ALBION became an affiliate of The Brewer's Company in 2002.  Previously the Company had affiliated with HMS FEARLESS – ALBION's predecessor amphibious ship.  She is the 9th ship to carry the name, stretching back to 1763, and her pennant number is L14 which corresponds with the Brewer’s status as the 14th most senior of the City livery companies.  HMS ALBION is one of the Royal Navy's two amphibious assault ships.  Their purpose is twofold: to deliver the Royal Marines from afloat to ashore, by air and by sea; and secondly, to act as the command and control platform for a task group of ships and the battle ashore.  She has a displacement of over 19,000 tonnes, is 180m in length and has a ship’s company of 350 as well as the capacity to carry a further 350 troops of an assault force who can be launched ashore by the eight landing craft she carries or by helicopter from a large flight deck.  HMS ALBION was launched by HRH The Princess Royal on 9 March 2001, and is based in Devonport, the home of the Navy's amphibious fleet.  Having completed a multi-million pound refit and sea trials in 2017 she is now deployed to the Asia-Pacific region as part of the UK's defence capability.  Her motto is 'Fortiter, Fideliter, Feliciter' – 'Boldly, Faithfully, Successfully'.

Royal Lancers

Formed following the amalgamation of the 9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales’s) and the Queens Royal Lancers, the Brewers’ Company became affiliated with the Royal Lancers at their formation parade in May 2015.  The regiment is based in Catterick, North Yorkshire and are 12 Armoured Infantry Brigade’s Armoured Cavalry Regiment.  Armoured Cavalry soldiers are the frontline reconnaissance soldiers of the Brigade. Trained to operate ahead of lead combat units, and prepared to deploy early into combat, their soldiers are able to deliver up to date, accurate information and intelligence about the enemy in order to shape the commanders decision making process.  Their famous capbadge, represents their Regimental Motto, ‘Death or Glory’ and is one of the most recognisable in the British Army.  The essence of being a Royal Lancer is encompassed by the Regimental ethos: ‘All of one company’, ‘Do as you ought, not as you want’ and ‘Think to the finish’.

9F (Islington) Squadron

The affiliation between the Brewers’ Company and 9F (Islington) Squadron, Air Training Corps was formalised in June 2015.  9F (Islington) Squadron is London’s oldest surviving Royal Air Force Cadets Squadron, whose RAF counterpart and parent unit, 9 Squadron, was a bomber squadron during WW II and is still operational today.  9F (Islington) Squadron pride themselves on their variety of activities, their standards of discipline and their standing in the community.  Their motto is Ad Astra Nos Rededo: "To the stars we return".  This affiliation is particularly appropriate, given the association between the Brewers’ Company and the London Borough of Islington through the Dame Alice Owen’s Foundation.